Neele-Vat is present at the EPCA Annual Meeting 2017. The annual meeting of the European Petrochemical Industry will be held in Berlin from 30 September to 3 October. Again for the 51st time.

The EPCA is the European Petrochemical Association, the quality network for petrochemicals in Europe. EPCA encourages members to share ideas, transfer knowledge and support. EPCA thus functions as a think tank for its members and stakeholders. EPCA consists of 700 companies from 54 different countries. Members, consisting of chemical producers and their suppliers, customers and service providers, consult the EPCA for reliable and up-to-date information, and for a professional platform to work out new ideas together.

EPCA initiates, launches and promotes projects of relevance to the chemical industry. She focuses on topics such as Supply Chain Management in Chemicals, but also on Business Diversity & Inclusion and STEM Education in Education. Neele-Vat appreciates the challenging network of EPCA enormously.

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